Nike Air Max 90 "Evolution Of Icons" DA5562-001 Will Be Released In 2021

Nike Air Max 90 "Evolution Of Icons" DA5562-001 Will Be Released In 2021

Posted December 12,2020 in История и факты.

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Nike Air Max 90 "Evolution Of Icons" DA5562-001 Will Be Released In 2021

With the advent of Jordans 2019 Cheap, I believe that many people have changed their choice of shoes. There is a rather niche shoe style that has quietly prevailed in the past two years, that is, functional trend shoes. Practical functionality and clean design style are very popular among people. Not only are the upper feet comfortable and easy to deal with all kinds of bad weather, but most of the appearances are distinctive and unforgettable. Let us take a look at those this year. Fine functional shoes.
Last year, Nike launched a brand new Nike Air Force 1 shoe type Shadow. The deconstructed style and the adjustable elastic heel Velcro design made everyone deeply impressed. Recently, on this basis, Nike has launched a new Shadow shoe model, which was jointly produced with Foot Locker, a well-known fashion shoe store overseas. There are two different colors in total. The white model is very delicate with perforated diamond texture on the vamp. The black model emphasizes deconstruction and superposition. The heel, Swoosh, and toe cap are all designed accordingly. The use of functional elements is in the eye-catching shoelaces, adding a buckle to make the wrapping feel more outstanding, and the wrapping of the feet is quite tight. In addition, the series also includes an Air Max 90 and Air Max Plus, both of which have corresponding buckle designs. If you like the style of this series, the choices are quite rich.
New Jordan 2020 proved this again with the upcoming Nike Air Max 90. As you might expect, the evolution of the icon shows the evolution of some iconic color schemes. It creates a colorful whole without losing the classic atmosphere of Air Max 90! We saw the recently released Air Max 90 Infrared in the Air device. On the nose, we can recognize the Nike Air Max 90 Hyper Royal, while the whirlwind is decorated in a lighter Laser Blue. The lacing hole is decorated with Volt and the heel is finished. The kick is scheduled to take place in 2021, and there is currently no fixed release date.

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