New Nike Dunk High “Varsity Maize” Black/Yellow Sneakers Hot Sale

New Nike Dunk High “Varsity Maize” Black/Yellow Sneakers Hot Sale

Posted October 10,2020 in Фильмы и анимация.

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New Nike Dunk High “Varsity Maize” Black/Yellow Sneakers Hot Sale

Nike Dunk is undoubtedly one of the most popular New Jordan 2020 types in recent times, and it can be called a hot wave in the sneaker circle. Recently, there has been news that the Nike Dunk High "Black Varsity Maize" color scheme, which was originally released in 2012, will return at the end of this year.
It is reported that Nike Dunk High Varsity Maize is about to be re-engraved. The entire shoe body is made of fine-textured leather, the black part is made of smooth leather surface, and the yellow part is made of embossed lychee belt, giving a sense of hierarchy. It is paired with the corresponding black midsole and yellow outsole to show a more domineering appearance and is expected to be officially launched during Christmas 2020. The shoe body is dressed in striking black and yellow contrast colors, which is very eye-catching, exactly like one of the rarest colors in Dunk's history, "Wu Tang".
2020 has entered the autumn, so far Nike has brought 2020 Cheap Jordans many well-designed Dunk shoes. Among them are the Travis Scott co-branded "Cashew Flower", Strangelove Valentine's Day co-branded, the coveted "Ice Cream" and the Doraemon co-branded just released a few days ago, plus many university color schemes, Scorpion Lailai, Coke Sprite Fanta's "three soda brothers" color scheme, I have to sigh that this year's Dunk is so popular!

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